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Plate reader module

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The plate reader module provides a fast, sensitive, and uncomplicated measurement of your whole plate. Measure fluorescence intensity, luminescence, and absorption using any installed excitation wavelength (up to 16) and filter set (up to six sets). Read a 384 well plate in under 3 minutes (including loading time) in the first color channel, and in under 45 seconds for each next color channel. Visualize results immediately as a heat map diagram or in a spreadsheet. Importantly, you can use plate reader measurements to select wells for more detailed measurements, such as whole-well scanning and high-resolution imaging.

Plate reader display

High NA signal collection delivers superior sensitivity

Cytovar's plate reader is a "bottom read" design using the same, high efficiency optical collection as our other imaging modes, namely a high NA microscope objective. This unique approach provides a huge sensitivity advantage over other plate readers, which typically have pitiful NA collection. Why? To support the high NA needed for excellent photon collection, you'd need an autofocus system in your plate reader. The Cytovar base system brings this powerful combination of high NA and autofocus to the plate reader world, and with it, superior sensitivity.

Flexible, upgradeable plate reader modes

All color channel options installed on your base system work with the plate reader module. The result is impressive flexibility in pairing one, four, or sixteen illumination wavelengths with up to six filter sets. Upgrade with brightfield to add absorption mode in any of these wavelengths. Filter sets covering all the common fluorophores are available, but, notably, you can purchase filter sets at any time that are customized for fluorophores you may not know about today. You can always expand your Cytovar's capabilities to cover future needs.

Confirm the meaning of your plate reader data

How often to do you visualize the cellular prep that you read out in a conventional plate reader? How do you know that the fluorescence signal really corresponds with your science? With Cytovar, it's easy to take a snapshot of your cells in the same fluorescence channel to confirm that you are measuring actual cells and not dust and debris or diffuse unwashed fluorophore in your wells. The convenience of using the same instrument for microscopic visualization and for plate reader quantification could save you from the famously frustrating plate-reader mystery-data challenge.

Fast, actionable data

A conventional pipeline might join a plate reader with a liquid-handling cherrypicker, and then on to an imager for the interesting wells. This assembly of complex hardware and software systems is replaced by an easy, efficient, integrated approach in Cytovar. Start with a quick plate-reader read of your plate, then, using metrics you define, act on that data immediately by running subsequent cytometry scans and high resolution imaging of wells of interest to you before you even eject the plate. Data from all of these measurements appear side-by-side in a single easy-to-use spreadsheet.


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