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High-resolution imaging

Model HR

Example image Capture conventional high-resolution images easily with our class-leading autofocus and excellent 0.45NA optics. Thanks to the internal magnification and pixel size of the Cytovar, images are roughly equivalent to a 20x objective on most systems. Some uses:

  • high-content image analysis with TIFF file output
  • easily collect publication-quality color-merged images
  • observe sub-nuclear or other sub-cellular features
  • examine rare cells

Easy and excellent autofocus

With Cytovar's sophisticated camera system and real-time image analysis, superior, image-based autofocus is just as fast as the complex and fussy laser autofocus in other systems. Laser autofocus systems require a touchy setup that puts you at fault when autofocus fails. However, with Cytovar's deeply modern imaging hardware, the certainty and accuracy of focusing on your specimen using the physics of the actual imaging is feasible for high-throughput.

High throughput

Cytovar images, for example, 384 wells, each at four sites, in one channel, with a 10ms exposure time, and autofocusing on each well in 21 minutes, including loading the plate and saving your data.

Perfect alignment to the high-speed scan

High-speed, full-well scans--provided by the base system--are perfectly aligned with these sub-micron high-resolution images. That's possible since (1) Cytovar uses the same objective lens for both of these imaging modes, and (2) you don't need remove the plate from the instrument to take the high-resolution images. This simple approach finally brings the often-claimed promise of mark-and-find applications to practical, usable reality.

High-resolution imaging user interface


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