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Cytovar Base System

Model C7

System drawing Your Cytovar starts here. The base system is a turn-key, complete system for whole-plate image cytometry in one color channel at 404nm. It is tailored for:

  • Fast, whole plate cell counting
  • Cell proliferation
  • Cell motility and migration
  • Wound healing
  • Violet (404nm) cell assay kits

This system is untouchable for the price. When you are ready to expand your capabilities, so is the Cytovar.

Full-motion image stripe sensor

At the heart of the Cytovar architecture is the unique full-motion image stripe sensor. It works in concert with the scanning stage to collect a panoramic field of view that spans your whole plate (the long way)--all while keeping a 0.45 NA objective lens in focus! Rather than the slow "step-and-repeat" approach used by other systems to image just a fraction of your cells, Cytovar's unique image stripe technology collects a full-plate image in a series of image stripes covering the entire plate.

Rapid, whole-plate scanning with 100% well coverage

Count cell populations in DAPI/Hoechst (404nm) to quantify population growth and diversity. You can also localize those populations within sub-regions of a well to quantify migration.

  • A 1536-well plate takes just 10 minutes from plate load to a saved spreadsheet of your cell populations of interest, including data analysis.
  • Full-plate scan time does not depend strongly on the type of titer plate: 96-well, 384-well, 1536, etc. It depends only on the area of the plate scanned.
  • Image and quantify the whole well (not just a small fraction of its area) for the most complete population statistics.

Count cell populations of interest to you

Define cell populations of interest to you using our powerful, intuitive population filters. These filters allow you to set ranges of cell, nucleus, or cytosol brightness in any color channel, nuclear and cellular size, co-localized brightness in multiple color channels, and a host of more subtle phenotypes. The power of population filters is in chaining them together. With the bare base unit, you might count cells with different levels of DAPI expression to quantify a cell cycle read-out. The interface is the same with additional color channels--you can quickly define, for example, the population of all the cells that strongly express GFP, that do not express a death marker in Cy5, and that have migrated to a certain portion of the well.

Real time image analysis

A spreadsheet of counts in each of your defined populations is filled in, and a heat map is plotted, row by row as the scan progresses down the plate. The spreadsheet and heat map are also updated in real time as you define new population filters, or as you adjust the definitions of predefined filters.

Upgrade now or in the future

Cytovar's modular architecture enables flexibility. We designed the Cytovar and its hardware upgrade modules to allow their painless integration at any time. In fact, we have many more upgrades in the works, and all of them fit within today's base system.

Full turn-key system

  • Control computer with HD touch-screen user interface is included in the list price
  • Easy workflow

Easy to own and to install

  • Compact, bench-top instrument: 18 inches wide, 11 inches tall (hold up a sheet of paper), 20 inches deep.
  • High-reliability, high stability LED solid-state illumination
  • Low power requirements: each instrument consumes under 20 Watts on average

Cluster configurations increase throughput and reduce cost

  • Easily create a turn-key cluster of many instruments
  • Add instruments to run plates in parallel with the same settings
  • Data from a parallel run across a cluster are highly uniform
  • The second, third, fourth... instruments share the control and interface computer with the first
  • Those instruments (Model C7CM) are not shipped with a control computer and are offered at a lower price
  • Custom integration with third-party automation is available, quoted individually per installation


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