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Four-color imaging upgrade

Model C4

Four high-power solid-state sources at 404nm, 475nm, 591nm, and 635nm, and a matched SEMROCK quad-band filter cube bring multicolor assays to the Cytovar. Four channel imaging system diagram

  • live/dead
  • apoptosis
  • cytotoxicity
  • cell cycle
  • transfection
  • DAPI, GFP, RFP, Cy5 compatible multiplex assays

This option is fast and efficient multicolor. No filter wheels. No heat. No issues.

Fast, Four-color multiplexed imaging of the entire plate.

Multicolor assays are the staple for researchers of complex biological mechanisms. This option seamlessly adds multicolor to the Cytovar without adding complexity for the user.

The Cytovar uses a narrow-band LED source for each color in a patented multi-source design of our own construction. Our illuminator provides bright, repeatable, uniform, and reliable illumination.

No compensation procedures or calibration for the user. The Cytovar takes care of it. Choose your scan colors and go.

Scan strategy minimizes color-changing overhead

The Cytovar completes image stripes at full speed with a single color at a time. By changing colors only between these long stripes of image data, even the brief delay between colors is minimized.

Exceptional color overlay performance

We developed and tuned our own low-vibration focus-tracking stage and image tracking software for Cytovar. We built them together, from the ground up, with cytometry in mind. Optimizing color data overlay is just one part of our thorough approach to image data interpretation, which accounts for motor timing and camera timing along with stage sensors like optical encoders on all axes. So when you want to know what fraction of your cells express GFP, Cytovar can answer you with all possible precision, at speed.


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