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Sixteen-color imaging upgrade

Model C16

For the ultimate flexibility, we offer the most wavelength sources of any instrument in the market. Four channel imaging system diagram The multicolor assay capabilities also provided by the four-color upgrade are augmented with many more visible wavelengths, three broad-band sources, UV (365nm), and far-red (735nm). Also included is an automated carousel for six filter cubes. We provide, as a starter, the quad-band filter cube used in the four-color upgrade. With sixteen-color imaging, the Cytovar is fully loaded, ideal for

  • multiplexed assays
  • assay development
  • core facilities

The most color options available.

The sixteen-color imaging upgrade uses our proprietary illumination design and automated filter carousel to bring the most solid-state colors available. As with the four-color option, all your colors are seamlessly integrated into the software interface.

Compatible with standard filters to match any fluorophore

The filter carousel has six positions and uses standard-sized (one of the standard sizes, anyway) and readily available filter sets, such as the thousands available for overnight shipment from the SEMROCK catalog. To get you started, we provide the quad-band filter cube we sell with the four-color upgrade, used for DAPI, GFP, RFP, and Cy5 compatible multiplex assays. We can recommend specific filter sets for whatever fluorochemistry you have in mind.


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