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True brightfield imaging

Model BF

Seamlessly switch between brightfield and fluorescence imaging. This option brings Brightfield and Fluorescence modes into the same instrument and with perfect overlay of images. The standard brightfield source is 535nm and can be augmented with the sixteen-color imaging upgrade. Brightfield is used for

  • label-free assays
  • traditional, non-fluorescent staining

System drawing

True brightfield for label-free assays

Brightfield is a powerful contrast mode for label-free viewing of biological specimens, cell proliferation and cell migration.

True brightfield, as we define it, primarily uses transmitted and absorbed light to produce contrast in a specimen. This is different from using scattered light as implemented in some laser scanning instruments. In comparison, true brightfield yields higher contrast in cells and tissues.

Please note that you will need to remove your foil or use a clear covering over your trays for transmitted light to reach your specimen.

Multi-color imaging

When used with one of our multicolor imaging upgrades--the four-color imaging upgrade or the sixteen-color imaging upgrade--there is an added bonus. Any color installed in the system can be directed to the brightfield illumination path. That means that you can do multi-color transmission imaging, with or without stains. Consider the example of a traditional three-color image, e.g. a red-green-blue transmission image. Though fluorescence is a highly sensitive technique for tagging rare chemistry, the history of biology is built on transmission contrast, including the use of various stains.


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