Cytovar in context Cytovar instruments all start with an affordable base system, priced under $100K.

Though inexpensive, the Cytovar base system is a capable instrument. For example, it can count every cell in a 1536 well plate in under 10 minutes, starting from loading the plate, and including data analysis.

Per dollar and per unit volume, Cytovar's flexibility and throughput are untouchable. A stack of five Cytovars could fit in a single bay of a typical automation setup, as shown in the photo, and still cost less than some single systems you might find there. A cluster of five Cytovars can count every cell in your 1536 well plates at the rate of 30 plates per hour--that's over a million wells per 24 hours. And if one system needs service, four remain.

Cytovar's capabilities can grow with your needs. We designed the Cytovar and its hardware upgrade modules to allow their painless integration at any time. In fact, we have many more upgrades in the works, and all of them fit within today's base system.

Will Cytovar work for you? Which upgrades will you need? The best approach is for us to try your assay and see what works. We've tried to set out the most useful information to help you understand the Cytovar and its capabilities here, but please just drop us a line if we can answer any other questions for you.